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Dyce Head Lighthouse Keeper's House
Restoration Project

While doing business as Philbrook & Spinney, we were proud to have been chosen by the town of Castine to restore the Dyce Head Lighthouse Keepers House that was partially destroyed by fire in April 1999. The Keepers House, constructed in 1828 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is owned by the town of Castine.

Dyce Head LighthouseThe station was established in 1829. The octagonal tower is composed of granite rubble stone lined with brick. In 1858 the tower was remodeled into an octagonal shape by encasing it within a clapboard-sheathed wooden frame. Twenty years later the wooden exterior was removed. The light was deactivated in 1935 and was deeded to the Town of Castine in the mid-1950s. The restoration project was completed and an open house for the town was held on Sept 7, 2000. NPS photo by Candace Clifford, 1994

There are a number of people who contributed to this project. We wish to thank all those who made the success of this project a reality.

As a number of people were interested in this project and to keep a public record of the restoration we documented the progress with pictures and maintained a log of the progress.

All photos are the property of Maine Contracting and may not be reproduced without written permission. If you have any questions please contact
Dyce Head Lighthouse project
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